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City Labs’ Success Stories

Tritium batteries are a developing technology with many possible uses. To better communicate City Labs products’ capabilities, we track our interactions with our commercial and scientific partners. Browse some real-world examples to learn how City Labs NanoTritium™ betavoltaic battery has benefited other companies in the past.

City Labs Building and Oil Rig in the Background

Featured Case Studies


Welltec® is a company dedicated to improving the effectiveness of well-drilling technology and minimizing its environmental impact. Welltec® came to City Labs with the need for tritium batteries that can withstand the necessary environmental conditions for monitoring existing wells. Learn more about NanoTritium™ battery applications in the drilling industry from our Welltec case study.

John Foster Partnership

City Labs partnered with John Foster to develop a first-of-its-kind propulsion system powered by tritium with City Labs’ NanoTritium™ batteries. Learn more about our Tritium Ion Project and NanoTritium™ battery applications in space exploration from our John Foster case study.

David Blaauw Collaboration

Scaling Down, Powering Up: City Labs joins David Blaauw in Developing NanoTritium™ Battery Solutions for Tiny Tech and his Michigan Micro Mote (M3). Learn more about NanoTritium™ battery applications in the tech industry from our David Blaauw case study.

Client Case Studies by Industry

Nuclear batteries have the potential to improve a variety of devices across multiple industries. Browse our predefined categories below to see relevant case studies or simply reach out to our team for more information on how our product could help you reach your goals.

Spaceship in Space Above Earth

Space Exploration

One of the most unique and difficult challenges humanity faces is discovering space and the universe around us. Outside of Earth’s atmosphere are extremely low temperatures and radiation that can affect how devices function.

City Labs’ NanoTritium™ batteries can endure high levels of radiation and extreme temperatures. They harness the properties of tritium beta decay to produce a steady output that is largely unaffected by external conditions. Additionally, it’s challenging to make repairs on machines in outer space. Our betavoltaic batteries’ 20+ year lifespan can help reduce the need for constant maintenance.

Group Military Members in a Dark Room


National security professionals rely on technological devices to gather and monitor essential information.

Surveillance equipment, wearable sensors, and RFID devices can all be improved by the use of betavoltaic tritium technology.

Oil Pumps and Rig at Sunset by the Sea

Industrial Drilling

The down-hole drilling industry is another industry that can benefit greatly from City Labs’ NanoTritium™ battery. The harsh environment at the bottom of wells can negatively impact the lifespan of traditional electrochemical batteries.

To monitor wells, a control line is typically installed from the surface down to the bottom of the well. The control line is cemented in and expensive to replace should an issue arise. Our batteries can help engineers build sensors that are easily placed and replaced—and last for multiple decades without needing maintenance.

Worker in a Pharmaceutical Lab Using a Machine


Our betavoltaic batteries utilize a relatively benign level of radiation, making them safe for humans. No radiation can be detected outside of the battery package

Paired with the capability to supply long-lasting electrical power, this high level of safety makes betavoltaic tritium batteries an effective alternative to existing medical implant batteries. Pacemakers and other small devices that rely on batteries within the human body can be drastically improved by using batteries that last twice as long and are significantly smaller.

Close-up View of a Main Microchip on the Motherboard


There are a variety of other microelectronic devices that can operate on low-power batteries. Examples of these include encryption keys, power sensors, and communication devices.

The longevity, wide temperature range, reliability, and compact size of our tritium product make it a convenient option.

Businesswoman and Businessman Working on a Project

Research & Development

City Labs is constantly working to improve our technology through research and experimentation.

This includes rigorous third-party testing, pushing the boundaries of tritium batteries, and working to customize our existing models for the benefit of the client.

City Labs’ Betavoltaic Battery Uses

The applications of betavoltaic batteries are growing at a rapid pace. The case studies above demonstrate how beneficial tritium betavoltaics can be for your scientific or commercial endeavors.

Tritium is commercially available, but we are currently the only commercial entity in the U.S. with the capability to process it at high temperatures, pressures, and large volumes. As we continue expanding our technology and use cases, we can help more companies achieve their mission.

Imaging of a Medical Device in a Human Body

Discover What City Labs Can Do for Your Company

City Labs is not restrained to any specific industry. The P100 Series battery is already versatile, and we are developing a P200 Series battery that will expand upon our existing technology.

Contact us today to partner with City Labs.

The Nuclear Battery Company with a Vision

Reach out to us to discuss your platform’s power needs and how City Labs’ power solutions can help it run longer and more efficiently.

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