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Making the impossible possible with nuclear micropower

About Us

City Labs, Inc., a Florida corporation, designs, develops, and manufactures tritium betavoltaic batteries for microelectronics, sensors, and other devices commonly used in aerospace/defense, medical implants, and industrial markets. City Labs has a regulatory-licensed R&D/manufacturing facility located in Miami, Florida.

Our History

City Labs, Inc. was founded in April 2005 by two Miami entrepreneurs with one single overriding passion of creating a high-tech company in South Florida. Dr. Peter Cabauy and Mr. Denset Serralta led a team of scientists and engineers from national laboratories and universities to create the first commercially available tritium battery.

The City Labs battery supplies continuous low power for a period of over 20 years for microelectronics, sensors, actuators, and other devices commonly used in defense, homeland security, commercial, and medical industries.

City Labs’ first prototypes for the NanoTritium™ battery were developed in December 2008 and were provided to Lockheed-Martin for thermal, vibration, and pressure testing. These battery units produced nanowatt level power and were subjected to extreme temperature testing by Lockheed Martin of -55°C to +150°C without diminution of its operational capabilities. These batteries are still in operation today at City Labs’ facility.

In October 2010, City Labs achieved the industry’s first and only General License for the distribution of its tritium betavoltaic batteries providing end-users with the ability to purchase and receive the tritium betavoltaic batteries without the need for prior radiation license or radiation training. Purchasers of City Labs’ betavoltaic batteries become de-facto general licensees upon receipt of batteries.

Today, City Labs is breaking ground with the scale-up of its betavoltaic batteries to the 100-microwatt range allowing for expanded range applications in unattended sensors, medical implants, and microelectronics.

History of City Labs Batteries


Peter Cabauy, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Stone, PhD

Senior Scientist

Gerald Duty, JD PL

Legal Advisor

Jesse Grant

Mechanical & Design Engineer

Johann Hernandez

Research and Development Engineer

Consultants & Advisors

Bret Elkind, PhD

Top Advisor

Denset Serralta, MSEE

Co-Founder & Advisor

Gerard S. Coombs, MScT

Financial Management and Advisor

Walt Cofer, MS, CET

Regulatory / Radiation Safety Consultant

Richard C. Bulman, Jr., Esq

Corporate Counsel

The Nuclear Battery Company with a Vision

Reach out to us to discuss your platform’s power needs and how City Labs’ power solutions can help it run longer and more efficiently.

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