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City Labs Is the Leader in Tritium Nuclear Battery Technology

City Labs, Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures tritium betavoltaic batteries for aerospace, defense, medical, and other leading industries. Our mission is to create batteries that have a 20+ year lifetime of continuous power without the need for replacement or recharging.

20+ Years of Battery Life Under Harsh Environmental Conditions

Our NanoTritium™ batteries convert tritium beta decay into electricity for more microelectronics devices. City Labs’ batteries are built for low-power sensors,  microelectronics, microcontrollers, and more. Below are some of the ways our products have helped to address long-standing challenges in the nuclear battery industry.

  • Our betavoltaic batteries can operate continuously for 20 or more years without needing to be charged.
  • City Labs’ betavoltaics can operate in environments between -55º C and 150º C, seeing little to no loss in efficiency between 40º C and 0º C.
  • Our technology allows for shapes and variable dimensions that are both customizable and versatile. This means our semiconductors can optimize performance to meet our clients’ needs.
  • NanoTritium™ batteries harness the process of radioactive decay, continuing to produce a predictable output throughout their lifespan.
  • City Labs’ products have been proven to be safe, robust, and emit no external radiation
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Our Partners

City Labs is actively seeking partners to commercialize long-life low-power batteries.

Custom Solutions For Your Tritium Battery Needs

We offer pre-existing designs or can work directly with your design team to realize their vision and decrease regulatory burden.

The City Labs team has decades of experience working with regulations. In fact, we hold the nation’s only regulatory license for design, manufacturing, and distribution of betavoltaic batteries. We have the capabilities and advanced technologies to meet any clients’ needs.

The Nuclear Battery Company with a Vision

Reach out to us to discuss your platform’s power needs and how City Labs’ power solutions can help it run longer and more efficiently.

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