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Projects and Innovation

Making the impossible possible through autonomous microtechnology


At City Labs, we are driven by innovation to redefine the capabilities of low-power technology in the most demanding environments. Central to our mission are our tritium-powered batteries, which fuel a range of groundbreaking projects in collaboration with leading experts from government, industry, and academia. These partnerships enhance our betavoltaic power solutions, advancing the durability, miniaturization, and longevity of microelectronics.

Our efforts support ambitious initiatives—from creating safer medical implants to pioneering technologies that expand human exploration of our solar system. Each City Labs’ project aims to transform the potential of power sources, ensuring a future where reliable, long-lasting power can revolutionize any sector. Discover more about our ongoing projects below.

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Autonomous Tritium Micropowered Sensors for Lunar Exploration

With funding from the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program, City Labs is pioneering a groundbreaking solution to the challenges of placing scientific equipment on the Moon’s south pole: autonomous tritium micropowered sensors.

These sensors will be powered by City Labs’ advanced tritium betavoltaic power source, which harnesses energy generated from tritium’s natural radioactive decay. The technology behind these tritium-powered sensors represents a significant leap forward in space exploration tools.

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City Labs Selected for Coveted NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Award

City Labs has been selected for a prestigious NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) 2024 Phase I award for our Autonomous Tritium Micropowered Sensors project. This project is designed to deploy highly resilient and long-lasting microelectronic sensors in the challenging environment of the Moon’s south pole.

This recognition clearly indicates our forward-thinking and technical expertise and NASA’s confidence in our capabilities to contribute to the agency’s long-term exploration goals.

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The Nuclear Battery Company with a Vision

Reach out to us to discuss your platform’s power needs and how City Labs’ power solutions can help it run longer and more efficiently.

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