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Johann Hernandez

Research and Development Engineer

Johann Hernandez Headshot

Research and Development Engineer

Johann Hernandez

Johann Hernandez is a Florida International University graduate with a BS in Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry. His expertise lies in medical device design, particularly in prototyping power delivery systems for medical implants. He has extensive knowledge spanning biomaterials, hemodynamics, and chemistry.

At City Labs, Johann spearheads the advancement of medtech through the development of tritium-based technologies for medical devices. His multifaceted background in science, engineering, and regulatory affairs uniquely positions him to drive these innovations. Johann also plays a pivotal role in supporting City Labs’ radiation safety program.

Prior to assuming a full-time position at City Labs, Johann served as a Senior Engineering Intern, where he contributed to the design of semiconductor prototypes.

The most impactful innovations are enabled by artful design and methodic attention to detail, but are born of fervorous empathy.

~Johann Hernandez


  • BS in Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry, Florida International University

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