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City Labs Awarded Air Force Contract to Develop Tritium AA Battery for 20+ Year COMSEC Crypto Key Security

City Labs unveils globally unique tritium-based battery to revolutionize military communication systems.

Miami, FL, July 30, 2023—City Labs, a pioneer in innovative tritium power solutions, is proud to announce a newly awarded contract from the Air Force Cyber and Cryptologic Systems Division to develop a cutting-edge tritium-based AA battery for communication security (COMSEC) devices.

This technology aims to provide continuous power for cryptographic devices, ensuring secure COMSEC crypto key security for 20+ years. The proposed tritium AA battery will vastly exceed existing industry capabilities and set new standards for COMSEC longevity.

Peter Cabauy, CEO and Founder of City Labs, expressed his excitement about this groundbreaking collaboration with the Air Force. “City Labs is honored to be entrusted with this Air Force contract to develop a tritium AA battery that will revolutionize power solutions for secure cryptographic devices. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge technologies that drive innovation and enhance security, and we are proud to apply our technology to such an important endeavor.”

Unlike conventional electrochemical batteries, City Labs’ tritium-based AA battery will feature a completely solid-state design, allowing it to endure extreme temperatures and meet strict requirements for vibration, shock, and environmental resilience, even including fighter aircraft standards. This design ensures safety by preventing the release of hazardous materials during normal use or catastrophic events, making it ideal for a wide range of military applications. Additionally, its compact form factor allows seamless integration into existing military systems, minimizing retrofitting time and costs.

Combined with a planned 20+ year operational lifetime, the battery will offer a “field-and-forget” strategy, making it an ideal choice for critical military applications by eliminating the need for costly and frequent battery replacements.
This Air Force contract marks a milestone for City Labs as it continues to contribute to national defense and security through pioneering power storage solutions.

About City Labs:

City Labs, Inc. is a Florida-based corporation specializing in designing, developing, and manufacturing ultra-low power, long-life (20+ years) tritium-powered nuclear batteries. These batteries are primarily used to power microelectronics, sensors, and other devices employed in the aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial sectors. City Labs has a regulatory-licensed R&D/manufacturing facility located in Miami, Florida. Learn more about City Labs at

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