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Making the impossible possible with nuclear micropower

Category: Tips & Information

March 2023 | Tips & Information

Fusion Ignition in Nuclear Energy

A recent scientific breakthrough in nuclear energy technology was achieved with the world’s first successful attempt at fusion ignition. This momentous discovery has led to unprecedented attention from both scientists and the general public and an increased effort to investigate further topics in nuclear ignition. What Is Nuclear Fusion Ignition?…

February 2023 | Tips & Information

Nanowatt Batteries for Small Devices

Powering nanotechnology and microelectronic devices has become a primary challenge in today’s world. Especially as machines get smaller and more compact, the components that power them must also shrink.  When dealing with miniature low-power devices, nanowatt batteries can help provide efficient power with high reliability.  What Is a Nanowatt Battery?…

February 2023 | Tips & Information

Microwatt Batteries for Low-Power Devices

Low-power devices are becoming increasingly complex. Supplying electricity to them can be difficult when they are in remote locations or not hooked up to a direct power source. City Labs specializes in building betavoltaic batteries that can power devices in the nanowatt, microwatt, and sometimes milliwatt range. These batteries improve…

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