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Making the impossible possible with nuclear micropower

Category: Tips & Information

May 2024 | News

A Brief History of the Moon

The Moon has long captivated humankind as a site of profound intrigue. Despite several decades having gone by without humans setting foot on the lunar surface, new NASA objectives aim to change this, turning the Moon into a permanent outpost for human civilization. As we stand on the brink of…

happy little nuclear stacks with green fields of flowers and blue sky

May 2024 | News

Nuclear Safety Myths: Unveiling the Truth With City Labs

In a world where the conversation around energy is dominated by sustainability and safety concerns, nuclear power often finds itself at the center of controversy. City Labs is committed to demonstrating nuclear technology’s untapped potential and inherent safety through our groundbreaking NanoTritium™ batteries. Myth: Nuclear Energy Is Unsafe The belief…

April 2024 | Tips & Information

Understanding Beta Particles

City Labs has emerged at the forefront of energy innovation thanks to our revolutionary NanoTritium™ batteries. Central to the functionality of these cutting-edge power sources are beta particles—a fundamental component of tritium decay. In this article, we explore the unique properties of beta particles that allow them to be harnessed…

March 2024 | Tips & Information

Understanding Nuclear Safety Measures

NanoTritium™ batteries are a special type of nuclear battery developed by City Labs that rely on radioactive decay to generate low but steady amounts of power for low-power microelectronic applications. Like all companies working in the nuclear power industry to contribute to a new era of sustainability and innovation, City…

Ni-CD Battery Icon

March 2024 | Tips & Information

The Importance of Nickel-Cadmium Batteries

Although not as widely used as other conventional batteries—like lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries—nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries are a common choice for certain electronic applications that require rechargeable batteries. These batteries consist of nickel oxide hydroxide, metallic cadmium electrodes, and an alkaline (potassium hydroxide) electrolyte solution. Their versatility has made them…

March 2024 | Tips & Information

Solid-State Batteries and Lithium-Ion Batteries

In the ever-evolving landscape of battery technology, the competition between solid-state batteries and lithium-ion batteries has captured the attention of industries ranging from electronics to automotive. The significance of these advancements cannot be overstated, as they hold the potential to revolutionize energy storage and shape the future of electric mobility,…

January 2024 | Tips & Information

An Overview of Military Semiconductor Applications

Semiconductors play a crucial role in military technology, enabling the development of advanced communication systems, radar technology, and secure data encryption. This article highlights the significance of semiconductors in military operations and showcases how City Labs incorporates semiconductor technology in our NanoTritium™ batteries, which stand ready to revolutionize national defense…

January 2024 | Tips & Information

Exploring Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators Power Sources in Space

Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators (RTGs) are a remarkable innovation in spacecraft power systems, providing power for various space missions throughout our solar system. These generators are a type of nuclear battery that operates by harnessing the heat derived from the naturally occurring breakdown of radioactive materials, a process that occurs at…

January 2024 | Tips & Information

An Overview of Different Types of Batteries

In today’s world, the need for efficient, reliable, and long-lasting power sources is never-ending—and ever-increasing as technology becomes more complex. Whether you’re a space agency launching satellites, a defense organization securing critical communication systems, a medical professional implanting life-saving devices, or just someone wanting a reliable mobile phone for everyday…

3D Rendering of Three Lithium-Ion Batteries

October 2023 | Tips & Information

Lithium Batteries Explained

Exploring Lithium Power in a Portable World In a world increasingly dependent on portable electronic devices, batteries play a pivotal role in powering our everyday lives. While City Labs’ NanoTritium™ batteries have gained prominence for their groundbreaking tritium-based nuclear technology and variety of applications, it’s important to understand other key…

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