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Making the impossible possible with nuclear micropower

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May 2024 | News

A Brief History of the Moon

The Moon has long captivated humankind as a site of profound intrigue. Despite several decades having gone by without humans setting foot on the lunar surface, new NASA objectives aim to change this, turning the Moon into a permanent outpost for human civilization. As we stand on the brink of…

happy little nuclear stacks with green fields of flowers and blue sky

May 2024 | News

Nuclear Safety Myths: Unveiling the Truth With City Labs

In a world where the conversation around energy is dominated by sustainability and safety concerns, nuclear power often finds itself at the center of controversy. City Labs is committed to demonstrating nuclear technology’s untapped potential and inherent safety through our groundbreaking NanoTritium™ batteries. Myth: Nuclear Energy Is Unsafe The belief…

February 2024 | News

City Labs Receives 2024 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Phase 1 Award

City Labs is proud to announce that our project, “Autonomous Tritium Micropowered Sensors,” was selected for a 2024 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Phase 1 award! The NIAC program funds pioneering ideas that propose technological and conceptual advances with the potential to transform future NASA science efforts via visionary breakthroughs…

December 2023 | News

City Labs’ Revolutionary Tritium Batteries Catch NASA’s Eye

A recent article from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers details tritium-based batteries, a revolutionary power source for microelectronic devices that have caught NASA’s eye for future space missions. NanoTritium™ batteries, engineered by City Labs, harness the natural decay of tritium atoms to produce consistent and reliable energy for extended…

November 2023 | News

How New Moon Exploration Technology Can Revolutionize Exploration

Space exploration has always been at the forefront of human ambition, driven by our insatiable curiosity about the cosmos. Despite it being the closest celestial body to Earth, humans have not set foot on the Moon since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. Now, more than 50 years later, the…

August 2023 | News

City Labs Awarded Air Force Contract to Develop Tritium AA Battery for 20+ Year COMSEC Crypto Key Security

City Labs unveils globally unique tritium-based battery to revolutionize military communication systems. Miami, FL, July 30, 2023—City Labs, a pioneer in innovative tritium power solutions, is proud to announce a newly awarded contract from the Air Force Cyber and Cryptologic Systems Division to develop a cutting-edge tritium-based AA battery for…

July 2023 | News

City Labs Secures Contract With Air Force to Develop Advanced Nuclear Ion Engine for Small Satellites

City Labs unveils plans for a tritium-powered propulsion system to redefine space travel. Miami, FL, July 30, 2023—City Labs, the sole manufacturer of commercial tritium-based power sources, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a new contract by the United States Air Force under the Small Business Innovation…

July 2023 | News

City Labs Awarded U.S Air Force SBIR D2P2 Contract

AFWERX selects City Labs for a Small Business Innovation Research Direct to Phase 2 contract to adapt tritium-powered COMSEC systems that will work at the nanowatt power level for the U.S Air Force. March 16th, 2023 – City Labs announces it has been selected by AFWERX for a SBIR Direct…

City Labs Battery Being Assembled

June 2023 | News

City Labs Unveils New Tritium-Based Technology to Power Future NASA Missions

City Labs’ next-generation prototype device marks a significant milestone in advancing nuclear micropower solutions. Miami, FL, June 20, 2023—City Labs, a leading Miami, Florida-based manufacturer of tritium power sources, is proud to announce the successful completion of a two-year effort that has culminated in the delivery of a next-generation tritium-based…

April 2023 | News

City Labs Awarded U.S. Space Force SBIR D2P2 Contract

SpaceWERX selects City Labs for a Small Business Innovation Research Direct to Phase 2 contract to create a self-powered wireless autonomous imaging sensor for the U.S. Space Force. MIAMI, April 4, 2023 — City Labs announces it has been selected by SpaceWERX for an SBIR Direct to Phase 2 in the…

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