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Making the impossible possible with nuclear micropower

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MEDS Magazine Publishes City Labs Contributed Article

State-of-the-art conventional chemical battery technology can provide long-term power to devices for only a few years at best and primarily in optimal environments. Environmental factors including temperature, humidity, altitude, ocean depths, high amplitude vibration and extended (decadal) time periods continue to bestow adverse affects upon battery performance.


VME & Critical Systems Publishes Interview with City Labs CEO Peter Cabauy

I remember the first time I played with a solar cell as a child experimenter. I used a flashlight, solar cell, and another flashlight bulb to create a weakly lit filament.


MIT Technology Review Features City Labs’ Betavoltaic Batteries

Current chemical batteries have a number of limitations, including their short lifespan and the limited range of temperatures and pressures at which they can function. Peter Cabauy of City Labs Inc. in Homestead, FL, discovered these limitations when he and his cofounders looked into starting a new technology company in south Florida.


Florida Trend Magazine

In November, City Labs, which makes tiny batteries that can last more than 20 years, signed a contract with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory worth nearly $1 million. The company’s NanoTritium battery, which hit the market in 2008, is powered by proprietary technology and the radioactive hydrogen isotope Tritium (currently used to illuminate exit signs). City Labs was formed by two Miami entrepreneurs in 2005 and last November moved into Homestead’s Carrie P. Meek Business Center incubator. It also completed its first round of fundraising, with an investment led by Alex Aguila, co-founder of specialty computer maker Alienware. In January, the company became the first in the industry to receive a license to manufacture, sell and distribute betavoltaic batteries like its NanoTritium.


Miami Today Spotlights City Labs Fast Growth

A technology incubator at Florida International University has given birth to a homegrown company that’s recently landed a million-dollar contract to provide long-lasting, heat- and cold-resistant batteries to the military.


Florida Technology Journal Publishes City Labs News

City Labs, a South Florida start-up manufacturer of long-life NanoTritium batteries for microelectronics, has added another pioneering milestone to its list of achievements: City Labs is the first company in the betavoltaic battery industry to be granted a Product Regulatory General License to manufacture, sell, and distribute betavoltaic batteries. NanoTritium batteries are the first betavoltaic Tritium batteries to achieve such a classification.


City Labs Achieves Industry’s First Product Regulatory License for a Betavoltaic Battery

City Labs, Inc., the pioneering innovator of long-life (20+ years) NanoTritium™ batteries for microelectronics …


Miami Herald “Movers” Section Features Dr. Larry Olsen

Larry Olsen has been named director of research at City Labs, a maker of batteries for microelectronics in Homestead. 


City Labs Welcomes Dr. Larry Olsen, Pioneer of Betavoltaic Technology, to its In-house Research Team

City Labs, Inc., the pioneering innovator of long-life (20+ years) NanoTritium™ …


South Florida Business Journal Features City Labs

City Labs, which makes 20-year-plus Tritium betavoltaic batteries for microelectronics …

The Nuclear Battery Company with a Vision

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